Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The fist step to tackle debt problems - meet with a specialist.

Ryan Hackett - OR & WA
Bankruptcy Attorney
Many people facing financial difficulties don't know where to turn.  They are usually feeling stressed out and confused. Part of the confusion is from the massive amount of information that is floating around online.

It is hard to figure out what information is accurate. But, it is even harder for most people to figure out what options fit best for their specific situation.

At out firm we offer free consultations to discuss people's specific debt problems. We listen and then offer solutions that will help.  These solutions may or may not include bankruptcy.  Our attorneys will be honest and recommend options other than bankruptcy if they are a better fit. Bankruptcy is not the right solution for every debt problem, but if it appears to be a good solution our attorneys will take the time to talk with you and let you know what type of bankruptcy fits best and what to expect if you were to file bankruptcy.

Our consultations are always free and typically last 30 minutes to one hour.

If you think we can help answer your questions about debt and your specific situation give us a call today at 503-352-3690 for Oregon or 360-213-2722 for Washington.

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