Monday, June 24, 2013

Median Household Income figures in Oregon

Currently the annual gross median income figures for the State of Oregon are:

Household of 1: $43,160
Household of 2: $55,057
Household of 3: $62,202
Household of 4: $67,315
Household of 5: $75,415
Household of 6: $83,515
Household of 7: $91,615
Household of 8: $99,715
If household greater than 8, add $8,100 per member per year.

The median income is important for bankruptcy purposes because it determines whether a debtor is subject to what is called the "means test". The means test is a formula that tells a debtor whether they are eligible for chapter 7 (despite being above median"), or whether they must file chapter 13 if they choose bankruptcy protection.

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