Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bankruptcy Hearings: Will I Have to Appear in Court Before a Judge?

With rare exceptions, people filing bankruptcy (debtors) do not have to go to a courtroom, and appear before a judge. However, debtors will have to attend a Meeting of the Creditors, and speak to the bankruptcy Trustee. This is essentially a deposition with the person who will administer the debtor’s case. The trustee will ask the debtor several questions under oath to confirm the information contained within the bankruptcy petition (documents filed with the bankruptcy court). These questions are very similar to the questions we ask potential clients in our free initial consultation.

Another concern most have, after concerns of appearing in court, is whether creditors will actually show up to the hearing. While creditors are entitled to appear at the hearing and ask questions, most creditors do not. If a creditor does appear to ask questions, they must limit their communications to exactly that. They will not be allowed to yell at or criticize you, and must limit their questions to bankruptcy. In fact, the first thing most clients say after we have finished their hearing is: “Well that was quick and painless!”

Bankruptcy, and all that in entails, can be very stressful. With good, experienced legal representation, the entire process can be quite painless. Having filed thousands of cases, we understand the process and the toll it can take on our clients, and we developed a system to make the entire experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Call our office to schedule a free consultation today, and find out what debt relief options are available to you at 503-352-3690. You may also visit us online.

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